St. Peter is shown with the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and St. Paul with the epistles he wrote. Both are holding a miniature of the church in Antioch, which can also be taken to be the Universal Church. St. Ephrem is widely known for his poetry and devotion to Mary, which is why she is pictured beside him. St. James of Saroug was a student of St. Maron, and he wrote much in the way of defending the Faith. St. Maron was extremely orthodox in teaching the Catholic Faith to people, which is why a Cedar of Lebanon is shown behind him, and he converted so many that their pagan temples were turned into churches, thus the symbol of a church on his opposite side. St. Ignatius of Antioch is known for some of the earliest writings on Church teaching. Behind him is a model of Our Lady's Parish. St. Simon the Stylite spent 40 years of his life in prayer atop a pillar, subject to all weather. From there he taught his visitors and his way of life inspired many imitators. St. John Maron became the first Patriarch of Antioch. He trampled the heresies that abounded in his time, the most famous that Jesus had only one nature or one will.