A cushion of royal purple shows Mary again as a queen receiving honor from God. A rainbow behind this throne indicates God's promise to humanity to send a Savior. All of creation is focused on the most perfect creature ever made. The color blue is a direct reference to heavenly things in Eastern iconography. As the epitome of all creation, Mary received the highest honor possible by being crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth. We exalt Mary as the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Slippers made from red material were only worn by royalty, thus Mary is given that privilege as mother of the King. The perspective is purposely reversed to indicate that Mary is looking out at us as opposed to us looking at her. We exalt Mary as the mother of Jesus. We exalt Mary as the daughter of the Father. Her hands are joined because her life was one continuous prayer to God. Three stars adorn Our Lady to signify that she remained a virgin before, during and after the birth of Christ. Red indicates the distinct human element in Eastern iconography.