The crozier is a symbol of Monsignor's station as Periodeut. At every Liturgy we witness Christ's unbloody sacrifice presented directly from Calvary. The two ripidia shaken during the Liturgy symbolize angel wings fanning the Holy Gifts. Though originally from Jewish tradition, the seven lights of the menorah now signify the Sacraments or the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. After Communion, the Eucharist is placed in the Tabernacle. Even when the church is completely empty, Somone is there. St. Gabriel stands inside the Sanctuary as both archangel and herald of God's presence. St. Michael is placed near the altar as archangel and minister of spiritual warfare. The crucifix is a constant reminder of Jesus' sacrifice and that we should meditate on his Passion. The veil reminds us of the one in the Temple of Jerusalem. During the Creed, it is pulled wide to show that the division between God and men has been repaired. The beauty of the colors, patterns and symbols in the church all point to a deeper reality: that we are sojourners on a journey toward Heaven. As our patroness, Mary is seated at the forefront of the church. Just as Moses made the brass serpent and hung it on a branch, the crozier completes the symbolism by showing the cross over the serpents.