On the left is the Altar of Preparation where the gifts are kept until the Liturgy of the Eucharist begins. On the right is the Altar of the Gospel where the Sacred Word is kept until the Reading of the Gospel. The Sanctuary Lamp is always lit when Jesus is present in the Tabernacle. Two steps up to the bema and a third up to the altar is a reminder of the Trinity. Peacocks personify eternal life and resurrection. There are four pillars in the church, each representing one of the four Gospel writers. We face east in expectation of the return of Christ. There are six birds on each side of the apse, representing the men at the Last Supper, and the seventh leaping in triumph at the center signifies Jesus. The other podium is where all readings from the Old and New Testament other than the Gospels are read. The processional cross precedes the priest and acolytes to show they are followers of Christ. The Podium of the Gospel is where the Gospel is read. At no time do we kneel during Liturgy. This is to show our joy in the Resurrection and our readiness for the Second Coming.