History of the Parish

Our Lady's Parish was conceived in 1983 when it began as a mission.  Several families living in this area of Central Texas had a dream of an Eastern Rite Church.  They wanted to establish a Maronite Catholic Church in Austin where they could come together to worship and engage in fellowship.






Initially they worshiped in St. George's Episcopal Church in the Wilshire Woods area of Austin until they obtained the current property.  From humble beginnings, the parish grew and eventually the current parish hall was built to serve as the church.  The present church was consecrated in January of 1999.  Over time, vital ministries were added as the congregation grew.  Whenever changes were necessary to continue meeting the congregation's needs, a vision was created and plans were made, then carried out.






As we celebrate the creation of our parish 28 years ago, we are experiencing many of the same needs that the founders of the parish experienced: the need to create more space to grow our faith. By preparing today, we begin laying the foundation for the future of our parish and the many parishioners yet to come. We call this our Master Plan.