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"The Eastern Churches are the Treasures of the Catholic Church"

--- Pope John XXIII


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1320 East 51st Street
Austin, TX 78723-3037

(512) 458-3693

You can also contact us at email@ourladysmaronite.org


Prayer for Persecuted Christians

O Lord, Heavenly Father, we call upon you to protect all Christians who are being persecuted for the sake of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ!  Come to their aid in their desperation and deliver them from all evil which seeks to destroy them because of You.

Awaken our nation to their cries and help them in whatever ways!  Awaken all Christians of the plight of their brothers and sisters that they might give them material help, spiritual prayers, and affect a change in politics to their benefit!

Grant rest to all the souls of those who have died professing You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  Amen!


Mission Statement: The mission of Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church is to give daily witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, and charitable outreach to the central Texas community.  We are called to live out our faith as handed down to us by the Apostles through the Syro-Antiochene Church.  Our desire is to grow our community of faith by welcoming all who wish to follow Christ in the Maronite tradition, helping all to experience a deeper life in Christ through Scripture and the seven Holy Mysteries.  Our Lady’s Parish is committed to providing religious education, spiritual formation, opportunities for all to minister to others, as well as warm human fellowship to all! 
Our Lady's Maronite Parish belongs to the Eparchy (diocese) of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles, one of the two Maronite dioceses in the United States.
Our diocese was created in 1994. Bishop Most Rev. Elias Zaidan was consecrated and enthroned on October 23, 2013. He is the third bishop of our young diocese (Gr. eparchy) and resides in St. Louis, Missouri in the beautiful chancery on the grounds of St. Raymonds Cathedral.